ZOE NATHAN, Goddess of Goodness

Ok, in case anyone is still wondering or needs confirmation, Zoe Nathan, pastry chef, cookbook author, and restaurateur extraordinaire, is the coolest woman in the world. She is a goddess of goodness.

She first stole my heart with a brief lesson on the spirituality of cooking (bad vibes will taint your food), and then sealed the deal with her affinity for high top sneakers and 90’s hip hop on loud speakers. She keeps it real and is just so honestly magnificent.

For most people (maybe I’m just speaking for myself here), deciding to have one kid or where to go out to dinner is a process...And then you look at Zoe, who, with her husband Josh Loeb, owns six successful restaurants and has three beautiful children (you may spot them taste testing behind the counter at the family café, Huckleberry). And on Saturdays, she brings her community together to eat cinnamon rolls, drink amazing coffee, and support human rights. 

Zoe makes her work look easy, but candidly admits that it isn't always. “It’s mostly a little bit complicated,” she explains to me as she cuddles her daughter, Tallula, who has a fever. Take for example, the fact that she works while the world sleeps. She recently asked her son, Milo, if he thought that was cool, and he replied, "I think it's weird." Ha! Kinda true, Milo...Zoe shares sweet moments like this on her Instagram, and her followers adore such honest posts about simple pleasures, motherhood, and rough days.  

Above all, spending time with Zoe revealed to me that good will, teamwork, and courage make things happen. Zoe and Josh are dream team at the forefront of a new wave of restaurateurs and chefs that are bringing heart and humanity into the industry through livable wages, health care, and respect for individuality (in addition to incredible cuisine). If you've ever stepped into one of their restaurants, it makes for an evident Midas touch.

Gather for Good is a great example of Zoe and Josh's life philosophy in action. Whatever you do, do it well, do it with heart, and take care of the people around you...And then, maybe it's not so crazy that anything is possible. We can all do big things if we just get out and go for it together.